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Mentors Sign Up Here

Thank you for your interest in the Real World Design Challenge. RWDC relies on a diverse cadre of mentors to provide support to participating teams. Mentors from a wide variety of backgrounds will be asked to provide guidance based on their own areas of expertise. No two teams will have the same needs so the support provided by mentors may take many different forms. Some possible activities include:

Who Are the Mentors?

Anyone who is currently employed as a scientist, mathematician, or engineer may volunteer to participate as a mentor. These professionals might be employed at Federal Agencies like the FAA, and NASA, Aerospace/Aviation related industry and higher education.

What Commitment does a Mentor make?

Mentors Should be Willing to:

Mentors may also Choose to:

Mentors Should NOT:

How Will the Students Select Their Mentors?

Students will also have the opportunity to choose up to four mentors based on the mentors’ expertise. Once an RWDC team logs in to their team site, they will be provided with a complete list of registered mentors. The mentors will be subdivided into categories based on current employment: Industry, Academia & Government (included federal agencies and National Laboratories). As part of this list, students will quickly be able to view a mentor’s name, organization and the technical areas in which they are willing to provide support (Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Aviation Design, Other).

How Will a Mentor Know if They Have Been Chosen?

A student or coach will contact the individual by their listed preferred method of contact. Once an individual agrees to mentor a team, they will the use the mentor as a resource to help them understand concepts in the mentors field. This will be done through whatever communication method the team and mentor agree upon.