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To participate the RWDC just follow the instructions below

1. Register

Registration is easy. Teachers register the whole team of 3-7 high school students. And you have to register for this year’s Challenge even if you have participated in the past.

Take a look at the RWDC Getting Started Page. Throughout the RWDC virtually everything you need will be available on the Getting Started Page.

2. Download the software

Once your team is registered, you should download the software. Information about the various software packages is available here.

First you will need to create an academic account to download all the software you will need from the Getting Started Page

3. Contact

When you get started, you should contact your state coordinator. This person is a resource about the RWDC in your state. If your state does not have a state coordinator or you are unable to reach yours you may reach out to Jeff Coppola instead You can find them by going to the States page and selecting your state. You should also contact a mentor as soon as possible and begin a dialogue with them. Mentors are listed on the getting started page based on their content knowledge.

You should contact this mentor as soon as possible and begin a dialogue with them. Please be courteous with your mentors. You may also contact anyone you know personally that you would like to be a mentor. If you decide that you no longer need a specific mentor, please let them know so that they can help other teams.

4. Solve the problem

Once you have the software and know how to use it, you’re ready to tackle the challenge available on the getting started page. There you can find the challenge and the steps to move forward in the country you are participating in.

5. Submit

Once you have completed the Challenge, you submit by sending it to your state coordinator and Jeff Coppola. You will compete with all of the other teams in your state. If you come out as the state champions, you win the opportunity to compete in the national and International finals in Washington, DC and the chance to win $50,000 scholarships to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. You will receive an additional Challenge that builds on the state challenge, which you will present in Washington in April.

If you come out as the state champions, you will be invited to compete in the national competition in April. There is a registration cost for competition in the national competition.

6. Help

If you need help with anything, we have a number of resources: