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Real World Design Challenge China Getting Started Page

Step 1: Register:

To register teams please email the following information to Jeff Coppola ( and to ( All information must be given in English Characters:

Teacher/Coach Name
Coach Email Address
School Name
School Address
Postal Code
Phone Number
Team Name
Number of Students on the Team (maximum of 7 students on a team)
Project Managers Email Address
Team Member Email Addresses

Step 2: Get some CAD Software

Aspects of the challenge may require you to use some form of CAD (computer aided design) software. You are free to use whatever kind you would like to complete the challenge. Feel free to find the type that works best for you. One possible option is below.

Creo 8.0

Fill out the form located at the following link and then click download.

If you have any issues Request Technical Support and you will receive a response on how to deal with your individual issue

Step 3: Read the Coaches Guide and Challenge statement.

The easiest way to get your team prepared for this challenge is to review the RWDC Coaches Handbook. The handbook will outline the details for this challenge and what your team is expected to complete.

Step 4: Get a Mentor.

The success of a team to solve the given challenge usually requires the help from a mentor. Mentors help teams in an area that they have no expertise. Please review the list and contact a mentor as soon as possible. You may choose to find mentors or request assistance finding some. For Information about mentors contact your country coordinator.

Step 5: Learn the Software.

Below are links to tutorials to learn Creo. There is also a link to put in a request for technical support. If you have a licensing or other issue with the software please submit a request for technical support. After your request you should receive a detailed message on how to fix your issue. There will also be some webinars scheduled to teach how to use the software.

Step 6: Review additional materials about challenge subjects

Webinars will be recordings will be added

Below are additional instructional videos giving an overview of subjects that could be useful for creating your design.

Other RWDC Challenge Resources